About Us

After 20 years of selling direct to Houston-area restaurants, we are now offering our premium meat selection to all lovers of great taste!

Gourmet Ranch, a specialty meats division of Jake’s Finer Foods, is a purveyor of the finest custom-cut meats. Texas born and bred in 2000, Gourmet Ranch provides restaurants with made-to-order products designed to “meat” their needs, from a large banquet party to an exquisite chef’s dinner. With full-service butchery capabilities, we specialize in freshly cut chicken products, custom-cut aged steaks, freshly-ground beef and patties, and an assortment of value-added items such as cutlets, marinated fajita meat and our famous “funny bird.”

Now you have access to our “cut-above” products that top chefs have used for more than 20 years. The secret is out...like we say at The Ranch, every great meal starts with great meat!

Customer satisfaction and food safety are our top priority. All products are transported in temperature-controlled packaging to ensure product safety and integrity. An adult must be present to accept home deliveries. Items are shipped fresh, not frozen, and all products should be refrigerated or frozen immediately upon receipt.

Safety protocols are followed strenuously at Jake’s Finer Foods and Gourmet Ranch. Both of our facilities are inspected regularly according to government requirements for food manufacturing and distribution facilities. Upon the outbreak of COVID-19, we implemented additional sanitation practices and safety measures in accordance with guidelines established by government and healthcare agencies, including protocols for masks and social distancing for all team members.

We invite you to experience your very own custom butcher shop. Experience Gourmet Ranch!